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TEDxOU: Go Outside & Play - GameON!

KC has had enough so, he has decided to get on his soapbox and… TAKE A STAND FOR PLAY! The audience agrees to take an “adult resignation” for a moment! Kevin then makes his case for PLAY and why every TED gathering, business events and conferences should ALWAYS have a PLAY Break as part of the agenda. He cites the research of Plato & Einstein (respectively) – “you can discover more about a person in one hour of play than in a year of conversation + Play IS the highest form of research”. He shares the catalytic efforts of GLOBAL GAMECHANGERS and a simple truth - a BALL can change the world! Then the TEDxOU “royal rumpus” moment: a social experiment is proposed - COME Outside & PLAY! FOUR Square courts are setup for the attendees - GameON! The result = unexpected connections, joy-filled convos, laughter, personal revelations about the role + value of play and a re-energized audience ready to receive the insight-filled talks & ideas worth spreading at TEDxOU.

KC’s TEDxOU Talk!